NYT Madly in Love With Politico

The NYT this weekend profiled Politico‘s new project, 2012 Live, and they really, really like it. But they don’t just like it. They “like like” it.

The profile of 2012 Live quotes Politico‘s executive editor and co-founder Jim VandeHei, who says that in the 2008 election, the site was “a garage band..riffing on the fly.” Now, the staff numbers 200 (triple the number they had in 2008).

2012 Live will feature candidate schedules, “biographies in micro-detail” (the NYT‘s words) a map of candidate travel since 2008, and “tons and tons of stories,” according to VandeHei. “There probably is in theory a point where that’s too much…But we certainly haven’t discovered it,” he said.

2012 Live staffers were thrilled with the story. Reporter Kendra Marr, assigned to the Tim Pawlenty beat, was featured prominently in the article, and got a whole slew of Twitter-congratulations. Deputy 2012 editor Dan Hirschhorn tweeted: “…thanks as well to @jwpetersNYT for a nice story about the @POLITICO2012 launch.”