NYPD Edits Wikipedia Posts on Police Corruption, Shootings

This is scary.

According to Capital New York, computers at the NYPD’s headquarters have been used to edit Wikipedia entries on NYPD corruption, alleged murders and more. Ladies and gentlemen, New York’s finest (at wiping its dirty history clean).

The NYPD’s computers were tracked by IP addresses. In all, there were 85 IP addresses linked to the NYPD’s computer network. Those computers attempted to edit and even delete Wiki entries on people who were killed by NYPD officers, such as Eric Garner and Sean Bell.

Capital tracked the following edits to Garner’s Wiki page, made by NYPD computers:

  • “Garner raised both his arms in the air” was edited to “Garner flailed his arms about as he spoke.”
  • “[P]ush Garner’s face into the sidewalk” was changed to “push Garner’s head down into the sidewalk.”
  • “Use of the chokehold has been prohibited” was changed to “Use of the chokehold is legal, but has been prohibited.”
  • “Garner, who was considerably larger than any of the officers, continued to struggle with them,” was added.
  • “Chokehold” was replaced twice, once to “chokehold or headlock” and again to “respiratory distress.”

NYPD computers also made edits to pages on stop-and-frisk and the department’s leadership team.

This is just absolutely horrible. As if we needed another reason to be scared of the city’s police.

But hey, don’t worry too much. An NYPD spokesperson told Capital “The matter is under internal review.” That certainly makes us feel better.