NYC Journalists… Still Harboring A Hate For Rudy

1205giuliani.jpgIs Rudy Giuliani‘s campaign imploding as the “Huckabee surge” lures away evangelical voters? We’re not a political blog, so we won’t comment on that part… But we will mention that over at the Politico, they’ve put together a list of reporter’s opinions on Giuliani. Surprise of surprises, a lot of journalists don’t like him:

  • Clyde Haberman: “Rudy’s attitude was attack, attack, attack.”
  • Rob Polner: “He treated the media like mushrooms. He kept them in the dark and fed them a lot of manure.”
  • Paul Moses: “When Rudy was on the losing end of a public battle, that’s when he had his bitterest attack on people… They were ‘getaway shots’ — that he’s retreating.”