NY Mag Does Iowa Reporter Blind Items

From here:

  • Which major photographer had a public meltdown in front of dozens of other reporters in a hotel lobby? The snapper berated a bellboy so aggressively that fellow media members fled the scene.
  • Which single television producer and which single high-profile print reporter have an ongoing campaign romp? Turns out they have a lot of the same interests!
  • Which gay reporters like to pick up locals at the gay bar the Blazing Saddle? And why the hell isn’t there a gay bar in New York with that name??
  • Which Nation reporter liked to give fist bumps to people after they emerged from the smelly bathroom on the Edwards bus? We bet we’d be friends with him.
  • Which reporter from a top-ten paper is publicly lamenting that she’s the only one on the ground without an expense report? Her pals are so mad on her behalf they’re rumbling about a boycott of the tabloid.