Nudity?! Shame, Shame: Boyds Mills Press Says No to German Children’s Book


To be filed under the “Why They Hate Us” category comes this story from Der Spiegel concerning the US publishing house, Boyds Mills Press, demanding that changes be made to a reprinted edition of a children’s book by Rotraut Susanne Brener. The changes required? In a panel depicting an art gallery, there is a nude statue and a painting of a nude woman. You know, the kinds of things you’d likely find in any major art gallery in any state in the entire nation. But apparently that doesn’t fly over here in these United States and by publishing it, there’s a chance that American children’s eyeballs would immediately explode and/or they’d start using and selling crack cocaine. The author said no and so in response, the publisher said no and thus, the book won’t ever be released here. It’s a shame. Though in limited defense of the publisher, they’re probably just terrified to put something out there that some nut would sue them over. You can almost hear the “Won’t someone please think of the children?!” now.