NPR Staffers in Shock

NPR media writer David Folkenflik captured the surprise of some of his coworkers that CEO Gary Knell is taking off for National Geographic where he will be President and CEO. Knell said it was an “unsolicited offer.”

See the basics of the release sent out by NPR and what Knell had to say for himself.  In addition, NPR’s own breaking news blog is strangely covering the matter itself, and pretty objectively at that, and reporting on details as they unfold. “Gary and the management team have worked effectively to strengthen NPR as a world-class media organization, technological innovator and industry leader,” said Kit Jensen, Chair of the Board. “NPR has built a firm foundation for providing the highest quality journalism and programming. We will be working closely with Gary over the next few months, and deeply appreciate the lasting impact he has made.”

In a letter to employees, Knell expressed confidence that the team at NPR is charting “an ambitious path” for the organization’s future and that he had decided to accept the unsolicited offer to become chief executive officer at National Geographic following “a great deal of personal reflection.’’

“NPR is and will always be a beacon of journalistic integrity, commitment and courage,” Knell said. “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.”