NPR Lays Off 13; Announces Five-Day Furloughs And Six Unpaid Holidays

Wait, wait, don’t tell me that in its second round of layoffs in under six months, NPR has laid off 13 employees in IT, legal, and communications, and announced a series of cutbacks for the remaining employees.
The cuts will help close an $8 million budget gap, the Washington Post reported.
All things considered, the nonprofit broadcaster’s cuts have been mild compared to the utter devastation at some media organizations, but try telling that to the employees who will have to go through five days of furloughs and won’t be paid for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, as well as three holidays after NPR’s new fiscal year starts Oct. 1.
Clearly the marketplace is still in bad enough shape that these sorts of cuts are necessary; the Post reports that revenue from its four major sources has declined across the board.