NPR Layoffs Looming?

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Lots of folks at NPR are nervous today, as the rumor mill speaks of layoffs. One engineer in NY has already been laid off, we hear.

>UPDATE: Also, an editor/producer and a reporter in L.A.

>UPDATE: 34 people laid off in the News division alone…Linda Wertheimer and Noah Adams among them (update: They’re safe).
On-Air Fund Raising & Promotion is getting cuts

An engineering supervisor is gone, too.

>UPDATE: They’ve been calling people in all morning. The meetings will end at 2:30pm, followed by an all staff meeting at 4pm.

>UPDATE: The final number of cuts will be 65.

>Although every single department is said to have cuts, rumor is that Digital Media will not take any cuts, since it is underfunded to begin with (compared to other divisions).

>”It’s a horrible, horrible day. I think everyone knew it was coming, but no one is prepared for this,” said one.

>Other casualties: Kim Masters. Ketzel Levine. An arts editor here in Washington.

>But what about all that Kroc money, you ask? It’s all in an endowment (read: invested), so it’s clearly not worth what it used to be. The fact that the Kroc money accounts for 6% of NPR’s operating revenue means that the current economic downturn is hurting the news organization’s bottom line.

>UPDATE: We originally heard from NPR sources that Howard Berkes had been let go and reported it here. That information was incorrect and we regret the error. (>UPDATE: “FishbowlDC, Gawker Explain Howard Berkes Rumor“)