Now ‘Most Deadly and Dangerous’ Time for Journalists

A timely announcement.

According to the annual Attacks on The Press report by The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), now is “the most deadly and dangerous period for journalists in recent history.”

The Attacks on The Press report is a collection of essays that covers a wide range of subjects, from censorship during the Ebola outbreak to how radical groups came to use video as a way to simultaneously intimidate and recruit.

“Each story is a cautionary tale,” writes Christiane Amanpour, in the report’s forward. “Taken as a whole, they illustrate that vigilance has never been more crucial, or more difficult, for the free press around the world. The greatest threat isn’t to one or two individuals, nor is it confined to any given country or year. An information battle is under way worldwide, and it is evolving in extremely dangerous ways. The one constant, as always, is that reporters are on the front line.”

(Image: Sergey Kamshylin/