Notes From the LA Blogging Demimonde

– Tiffany Stone blogs about Arianna Huffington’s party the weekend before last. Gosh, if I had known Gore Vidal was showing up, I would have picked another night to shampoo my cat.

– Luke Y. Thompson details his bout with appendicitis. Sounds even more painful than his bout with speed-dating.

– Cathy Seipp and Nikki Finke square off (again) in the comments section of Seipp’s blog. Seriously, read the comments.

– Is Luke Ford the Fernando Pessoa of the Los Angeles blogosphere? Today he posts an introspective IM conversation with one Chaim Amalek. I can’t help but notice that ‘Chaim Amalek’ is an anagram for ‘I’m a lame hack.’ Oh, no you aren’t, Luke!

Bonus anagram: Michael Kinsley- Silky niche male.