Note to Ted Turner: Take It Easy on The Meat


Restaurant critic Jason Sheehan liked the food served up at media mogul Ted Turner’s Colorado restaurant Ted’s Montana Grill fine. It was the massive, Herculean portions that gave him pause. From The Denver Westword:

”The buffalo burger was half the size of my head and required a trencher that would’ve given Henry VIII pause; the onion rings on the side were so large that a child could have put his fist through the middle without getting crumbs on his knuckles. The bison short ribs looked as though they’d been taken off a small rhinoceros and lay nestled delicately against a mini-Kilimanjaro of garlic mashed potatoes. And though I’m sure the steaks are cut precisely to the advertised portion by an army of Ted Turner’s personal butchers, there was something about the paving-stone-sized slabs of meatloaf that made a fourteen-ounce Delmonico ribeye look positively petite.”

But that’s just Ted. He does everything big.