Not Harry & Louise

It’s not that we don’t like Harry Jaffe. (On the occasion that he writes something there’s a decent shot it’s good, such as his in-depth profile on the Robert Wone murder.)  It’s not that we don’t like Washingtonian—after all, we’re all for finding out who has the best taquitos or where to go for a last minute getaway. One thing we DON’T expect from the Washingtonian is an advice column from Jaffe and his wife, Louise.  Harry has done a lot of good work, but are we really supposed to feel comfortable watching him give advice on how a man should approach his wife to confront her affair?? Look… If they are qualified to give advice, WE’RE qualified to give advice. So, we’ll take the questions submitted to the Harry & Louise column and give answers that are just as appropriate as theirs.  For instance…  Here’s a recent question posed to Harry & Louise from “Solace Seeker.”

QUESTION – I’ve got this new asshole boss. He’s young and cocky, and he’s making all sorts of big changes at the firm. I’m working longer hours, and since I’m not a roll-with-the-punches sort of guy, it’s becoming a consuming thing for me—and for my wife. She listens, to a point, but she’s increasingly tired of hearing me vent about the office and my bastard of a boss. At first she would empathize and help me come up with solutions, but now she seems to be frustrated that I’m not solving the problem after all this time. Lately, all she says is, “You really should talk to a therapist.” I can understand the impulse, because there’s somewhat of an imbalance here—I have a hard time focusing much on her problems these days. But what the hell? Every time there’s a real problem in my life, I’m supposed to take my conversation to a shrink? My wife is always touting the importance of talking—well, this is what talking is for. Solace, understanding, working through a situation. This is what I need from her—my lover, my friend, my partner. Is this unreasonable to ask?

OUR ANSWER – OK…  Clearly you work for Garret Graff.  So, let’s get that out of the way.  And as for the changes, yes we understand.  Putting a weird advice column in the middle of Washingtonian is bizarre and goes against what the Washingtonian is known for.  Good for your wife for standing up. Someone clearly needs to take charge.  Wait…  Is this a letter from Harry Jaffe?  And your wife is Louise?  Did you just write a letter to your own advice column?