Not All Conservatives Blast Bill Press

When conservatives don’t like liberal radio and TV personality Bill Press they like to razz him by saying didn’t even realize he was still on air. But this morning, in a case of odd bedfellows, Neal Bortz, a libertarian radio host out of Naples, Fla. and Atlanta, declared his agreement with Press, saying on Twitter,”I completely agree with Bill Press @bpshow about the National Anthem. It IS an abomination.”

Meanwhile, conservative commentator and bestselling author Michelle Malkin went on Fox & Friends to blast Press’s stance against the Star-Spangled Banner. After they played the clip in which Press says the song is two octaves too high, Malkin eviscerates him.

“I didn’t realize Bill Press was still on the air,” she snapped. “I think the last time he was relevant was when Bill Clinton was in office. …I think it’s a desperate attempt for attention…I think there’s a teachable moment there about how much hostility these people [presumably liberals] have for patriotism in this country. You know what, Bill Press? Go ahead and compose the moral equivalent of the apologist’s citizen of the world anthem and see how many people sing that at the next baseball game. Good luck with that, man!”

Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson also thinks this is a “teachable moment.” She pointed out that when she teaches the words of the anthem to her children (she really does this?) that she doesn’t stop to explain to them that other nation’s are also brave in response to the line “home of the brave.” She added, “Let’s say and sing these words with dignity, but that’s just me.”