Norman Foster in Hot Water Over ‘Green’ Bulgarian Resort

Norman Foster is the latest starchitect to cause a big rift with one of his projects. On this occasion, it concerns his plans to build a fancy, carbon-neutral, beach front resort in northeastern Bulgaria. So it’s a green project and all, but the problem develops with the knowledge that by building the massive resort, Foster will be tearing down “the Black Sea coast’s last remaining virgin stretches of beach” while also endangering already endangered species. The government apparently loves the idea of the having this new huge boost to their coffers, but the locals and European environmentalists don’t see it as so wonderfully “green” after all. Here’s a bit:

Detractors say while the plans might be of a much higher standard than the depressing array of substandard constructions hugging the Black Sea, the sheer scale of the resort will do lasting damage to the natural habitat. The settlements will eat into untouched oak forests, and the invasion of thousands of people and new roads will disturb one of Europe’s major migratory routes for millions of birds, known as via pontica, they say.