Nokia Wants Back Into the Game, Says Something Called “Design” Is the Answer


Just last night, as this writer and his girlfriend drove home in the rain, enjoying the last comforting night in Chicago before snow comes and buries us for the next four hundred months, we were talking about her Motorola Razr phone and how she’d enjoyed it and didn’t really understand why it had gotten so much bad press. But apparently those bad reviews haven’t been enough to knock it from all the difficulty its given rival Nokia, who, in this interesting read, has decided that they need to return to their once lofty position as being the go-to designer of quality, attractive cell phones. Remember that big feature in the New Yorker a few years ago, about how brilliant the designers at the company were? Well, they want that to come back.

Nokia’s slim-phone miscalculation was a business decision rather than a failure of the design team, Nokia says. Still, the decision to elevate the visibility of design shows that Nokia, which has tended to emphasize function over form, is becoming more fashion-conscious. “As a company we are moving more and more to where consumer marketing and design are more important,” says Chief Technology Officer Tero Ojanpera.