No One Cares About Covering Cheney Anymore

…as was pointed out by the WaPo’s Jacqueline Salmon in her pool report yesterday (emph. added):

    Speech at Manhattan Institute and private fundraiser New York City

    VPOTUS departed St. Regis at 9:44 a.m, arrive at Grand Hyatt at 9:49.(SLOTUS had separate sked).

    Speech to Manhattan Institute lasted 20 minutes, interrupted twice by applause. He got a standing O when he was introduced.

    Departed Grand Hyatt 10:51. Arrived at next stop a few minutes later.

    Closed press fundraiser at private residence. It was for Rep. Vito Fossella. Departed 12:25. Arrived at JFK at 1:10.

    The lone member of the press contingent was on the Gulfstream while VPOTUS and SLOTUS were on the C40. Wheels up at about 1:30. Touchdown about 2:20.