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The Nocturnalist: This quote sums up the way I feel about most parties in New York: “The dichotomy of the outfits,” Kyle Metzger, 23, an actor, said as he waited for a drink at the bar. “I’ve got no idea what’s going on.”

TONY: TONY editor Gabriella Gershenson is appearing on Food Network’s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle. Lucky! We can’t wait for the inevitable spinoff, “Desperately Searching for Pepto Bismol at 3 a.m.”

The L Magazine: Lobster! Beer! Ice cream! Brooklyn! Add “naked Devendra Banhart holding a cake” and this is basically everything I dream of.

AgencySpy: This is the reason I came to FishbowlNY, too. Only replace “weed” with “Monday morning bagels.” Well. Just replace maybe half of it.