Nikki Finke and her exclusive, well-informed sources (and, as Finke would like us to note, the word ‘exclusive’ in this headline is meant as comic exaggeration)

From the LAT, February 26, 2006, Page A-1:

Paramount Chairman Brad Grey, then a top talent manager, attempted to develop an HBO pilot with Pellicano about a Hollywood detective, according to several sources and a representative for Grey.

From Nikki Finke’s LA Weekly ‘Deadline Hollywood’ column, March 15, 2006:

I’ve learned that, a few years ago, when Grey was still the head of Brillstein-Grey, his successful talent management and production company, he and the William Morris Agency pitched HBO about doing an original series with the working title Hollywood Dick based on Pellicano’s life and work. Sources tell me that the show included Pellicano as a consultant.

When Finke reads the paper, all of Hollywood trembles!

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