NikeID Store Update

NikeID Store Update

Last week I posted about the mysterious NikeID store that I pass on the way to the gallery most every day. Since that post, I have received the same freakin’ tip over and over and over again. (Like, ten times and counting, I kid you not.) SO! If only to silence the insistent tipster, I present to you this nugget:

For an inside peek of the nikeid store go to the website of the architects who designed it. Simon Eisinger and Christian Lynch are young NYC architects who also worked on the Art of Speed exhibition in the same space last year…

Except… here’s the thing: On the site, you will find the rendering I posted above and not much else. Oh, yes, you can download a .pdf of the firm profile. (Is there something special about this profile that could simply not be achieved via HTML? No, there is not.) And I think there’s another rendering or two of the space, but aside from that nada, so maybe save yourself the trip.

OK then, let’s move on to some fresh exciting new tips then, shall we? Please keep ’em coming, either via the handy little “anonymous tips” box over there —> or by emailing me at jen AT unbeige DOT com.

To the tipster who emailed me about the broken New York Landmarks Conservancy link in my Young Landmarks post from earlier today: Thank you! I am off to fix it now.