Nike Announces New VP of Design and Possibly Worst Idea for a Shoe Ever


In our inbox this morning was the announcement that Sandy Bodecker has been named to the newly-created position of VP of Nike’s Global Design. Which got us thinking…what kinds of revolutionary designing is Nike up to these days?…which led us to this little PR gem:

Nike today unveiled the Nike Air Native N7, a unique athletic performance shoe designed specifically for Native Americans.

Come again?

This first-of-a-kind performance shoe is built on a new and unique last created to address the specific fit and width requirements for the Native American foot. The result is a true Native fitting, performance product.

Okay, it’s all with good intentions–apparently Native Americans as a race have bigger, wider feet, and the aim of producing these shoes is to reduce obesity and give money back to the reservations. And maybe it’s kinda the same thing as making shoes especially for women, which Nike definitely pioneered back in the day. But just like we ladies don’t necessarily like our running shoes pink with hearts and bunnies on them, we’re not sure our Native friends will be running out to get these:

The design features several “heritage callouts” as one product manager described it, including sunrise to sunset to sunrise patterns on the tongue and heel of the shoe. Feather designs adorn the inside and stars are on the sole to represent the night sky.

Dude, our grandma has running shoes that look cooler than those. But as you’ll note, they’re limited edition, which means you’ll definitely be seeing them on the feet of some Silver Lake resident in the near future.