Nick Denton Makes $500,000 a Year

Gawker Media founder revealed his particulars during chat with Keith J. Kelly.

In a memo obtained by Jim Romesko, Nick Denton warned Gawker employees ahead of the July 4 holiday weekend about a “negative” story coming from Keith J. Kelly. In the missive, he also explained that the piece had led him to publicly release Gawker Media’s financials, to steal some of the Post columnist’s thunder.

Having now read Kelly article, FishbowlNY can report that “negative” may have been slightly too strong a read. The article is even-handed, and includes this interesting tidbit:

“There is no secret treasure for them [Hulk Hogan lawyers] to plunder,” insisted Denton, who divulged that his salary is “$500,000 a year” and his personal expense account is “minimal.”

He said he and present and former employees own about 95 percent of the stock. On the voting stock, he said he controls just under 50 percent, and another family trust that he controls owns another 18 percent.

That salary amount, which is recent, takes on some added, fun meaning when the following portion of Denton’s 2014 Playboy interview with Jeff Bercovici is revisited:

“This country, even in the tech sector, is full of people who are on this merry-go-round, who know the right headhunters and basically pass each other jobs as if they were a trade union with the sole rights to these positions in which they demand $500,000 a year. They move around from start-up flip to start-up flip. They’re not incompetent; they’re just not that good…”