NHL Takes Slap Shot At Cyberspace

brinkley121606.jpgThe NHL’s past promotional ideas have failed, often miserably so (the infamous blue dot, the red comet tail of a slap shot) but the league’s executives aren’t dissuaded. For this year’s playoffs, they are trotting out a new secret weapon: a celebrity blog network.

Highlights include Christie Brinkley discussing her newfound enthusiasm for hockey and the New York Islanders (“They’re doing the most amazing things and they’re on the slippery ice doing it!”), Lil’ Jon “reminiscing” about 1970s pro hockey (even though he was born in 1971), and Willa Ford providing a behind-the-scenes account of the Dallas Stars’ Stanley Cup run, assisted no doubt by her fiancé, forward Mike Modano.

Nothing against Brinkley, et al, but for our money, we prefer Elisha Cuthbert‘s work. At least she’s Canadian.