NFL Kicker Gets Operatic in This Video for Dr Pepper

Part of soda's 'one of a kind' campaign

Professional football, opera and Dr Pepper: it's a pretty novel combination. But Justin Tucker, the Baltimore Ravens' kicker, apparently loves all three.

In a video produced for the soda brand, Tucker reveals that he can sing opera in seven languages. He also raps about Dr Pepper. "I think there's definitely some parallels between going out on a football field and kicking a football and performing a piece of music in front of a group of people," Tucker says in the video.

The NFL player actually studied music at the University of Texas, according to the Ravens' website.

This being a video for Dr Pepper, Tucker notes that he kept his fridge stocked with the soda growing up. He still enjoys the beverage after "a nice day at the office," he said.

The video is part of Dr Pepper's "one of a kind" campaign, which includes a number of videos with other notable figures who have interesting stories to tell. The campaign is centered around individuality, said Brent Chism, marketing director for Dr Pepper. "There's nothing like Dr Pepper. We really embraced that thought and want to celebrate people's individuality through the campaign." 

Tucker's video was produced by Code and Theory, a digital agency that has worked on seven other Web-only videos for the campaign. Code and Theory worked with Dr Pepper to get Tucker involved in the project, according to Steve Baer, managing partner of Code and Theory's Brand Design Group. "We came across Justin Tucker … after seeing his Instagram about enjoying a can of Dr Pepper to celebrate a three-game winning streak last November," he said.

Watch Tucker's video:

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