Newsweek’s Creepy Princess Diana Issue Only Had 13 Ad Pages

Remember the recent Newsweek cover featuring a photoshopped Princess Diana at 50? How could you forget? It haunts us to this day. But if you thought the cover was a strike out, there was even more bad news inside. As Folio reports, the issue had only 13 ad pages:

The issue had just 13.8 ad pages, making it the weakest advertising issue for Newsweek since May 16, according to MagazineRadar, which points out that the low number is especially hurtful because it’s a double issue. Newsweek‘s last double issue (June 13) boasted 27.3 ad pages.

Because everyone loves to comment on Tina Brown and her endeavors at every possible opportunity, much has been made of Newsweek‘s lackluster ad sales performance since she took the helm. The low point was the issue that had only six (six!) ad pages in total. But then it seemed like things had turned around. Just last month, Adweek reported that for the first time in a year, Newsweek’s ad pages were flat. It was like a new beginning! We were so full of hope and optimism! And then things had to fall apart again.

Reporting on Newsweek‘s ad pages has been something of an emotional roller coaster for us. For the magazine’s sake, we hope the ensuing controversy over the creepy Princess Diana at least helped it sell a lot of issues off the newsstand.