Newsweek Enters Into Hollywood Development Deal

Magazine writers are already in touch with their new west coast partner about possible project material

“This is not your grandmother’s Newsweek.”

So says Aspire Entertainment chief content officer Teri Flynn to Variety reporter Brent Lang, framing his company’s decision to partner with the resuscitated magazine for a two-year development deal for potential film, TV and Web source material. From Lang’s item:

The deal makes sense. Aspire’s chief producer Mark Ciardi has frequently drawn on true stories for previous films such as Million Dollar Arm with Jon Hamm and Miracle with Kurt Russell.

“True stories are great whether they’re on a sports field or on the pages of a magazine,” said Ciardi. “It’s going to be reflective of the kind of stories the magazine does. Their writers are just fantastic.”

Added Flynn: “I don’t know how old Jim [Impoco] is, but he’s one of those guys who is 25-years-old in his mind. He’s on the cutting edge and he understands the value of this kind of partnership.”

Ciardi has a long history as a producer with Disney. His next film, McFarland, USA (hitting theaters February 20), starring Kevin Costner as a cross-country running coach in a small California town, is based on a true story.

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