Newspapers Lease Office Space to Make Extra Cash

Times are certainly tough for the newspaper industry. So tough, in fact, that many have started leasing out office space to make some extra cash. The New York Times reports that a paper it owns — The Boston Globe — has rented out empty space to startups and even bands:

The projects occupy what looks like a re-created living room, where a colorful mix of young entrepreneurs, gray-haired journalists and bands with names like the Street Dogs and Animal Kingdom pass through. Steps away, Globe reporters and editors pore over articles.

The Globe isn’t the only paper doing this. The Los Angeles Times is getting additional revenue by renting out its space to movie studios. Anyone seen Argo? The newsroom featured in the film is unused LA Times space.

We don’t blame newspapers for doing this, after all, they might as well make use of empty desks. But we draw the line the second a Kevin James movie is allowed to film in one of their offices. There must be ethical standards.

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