Newseum: The Gift Shop

Okay, now for the good part…

After our own exhibit, our next favorite thing was the two-floor (yes, two floors…) gift shop:

newseum 070.JPG

Most of it is filled with stuff you’re not going to want to buy (like any museum, really…) but we’re totally sold on this t-shirt:

newseum 063.JPG

So, join us after the jump if you’d like to know the answer to this question: “Yeah, what the hell would you sell in the gift shop of a journalist’s museum?!?”

(And, yes, we totally expect you to let us know which area journo rolls into work all Show & Tell-y, sporting a “I love the smell of newsprint in the morning” coffee mug. They will be ridiculed.)

newseum 050.JPG

newseum 051.JPG

newseum 054.JPG

newseum 058.JPG

newseum 066.JPG

newseum 069.JPG

newseum 059.JPG

newseum 061.JPG

newseum 062.JPG

newseum 064.JPG

newseum 056.JPG

newseum 065.JPG

newseum 069.JPG

newseum 067.JPG