News Notes: Capehart, Imus, Steph Steps In

WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart in another priceless MSNBC moment… This morning on “Way Too Early,” Willie Geist asked Capehart about his morning routine, and he must not have gotten enough sleep last night because the paper’s golden boy didn’t even include the Post (or FishbowlDC for that matter) in his morning reading list. NYT and WSJ did, however, make the cut.

• It’s official- after much speculation, Don Imus is joining Fox Business Network. TVNewser has the dets.

• You won’t see Charlie Gibson on ABC’s “World News” tonight and it’s not because Diane Sawyer’s already kicked him out of the anchor chair. George Stephanopoulos will be filling in for Gibson who- for all you conspiracy theorists out there- is on a scheduled vacation, TVNewser reports.