News Corp. Files Lawsuit Against IMG For “The Daily” Naming Rights

Rupert Murdoch had a dream, a dream about publishing a daily news report available exclusively on the iPad, and now his company is prepared to fight in court to preserve that vision (or at least its name).  Bloomberg’s Don Jeffrey writes that News Corp.’s Daily Holding Inc. has sued IMG Worldwide Inc. over the trademark for the name “The Daily.”    News Corp. has stated that use of “The Daily” does not breach IMG’s trademark for their fashion magazine The Daily Front Row:

IMG has claimed it has exclusive rights to use the words ‘The Daily’ as the name of a publication.  Those words are a generic phrase and cannot be protected as the name of a media outlet.

The lawsuit comes after a recent meeting between The Daily Holdings and IMG that did not bring either side any closer to a resolution.  IMG had warned News Corp. officials that their company held the naming rights and Murdoch’s company responded before IMG filed a suit of their own.

The Daily is expected to launch in early 2011.

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