News Anchor Barbie Creating Tiny Buzz

If you haven’t yet seen her, here she is: News Anchor Barbie.

This is her 125th job, as NPR informs, and she really can do anything she sets her sights on. Career choices have included ambassador for world peace, dentist, astronaut, paleontologist, Army medic, figure skater, rap artist, presidential candidate (she ran in 1992 and 2000) and aerobics instructor – so why not journalism?

NPR’s 28-second segment on the new Barbie scribe is short and sweet and worth a quick listen. Find it  here. Mattel has dressed her  in a “powerful pink and black ensemble” and equipped her with a “microphone, news folder and camera.” Does she depict the real thing? Does she look too ditzy? Here’s a hard question to ponder: Which network would she most likely work for? Let us know your thoughts at

> Update: A reader writes in to suggest potential workplaces for News Anchor Barbie. The person writes, “Regarding the Barbie:  NewsChannel8 Barbie, Fox News Barbie, or NFL Clueless Sideline Reporter Barbie.”