New Yorker Puts a Holiday Stamp on Redskins Fracas

The noun “kerfuffle” is one of those words that makes you want to look up the etymology. When FishbowlNY did just that, we came upon the following citation example: Don Imus has thrown the capital into a kerfuffle.


An apt example, as the “kerfuffle” that illustrator Bruce McCall describes as being at the heart of his December 1 New Yorker issue cover (on newsstands Monday) is D.C.-driven as well. And if Bob Costas’ recent experience is any indication, McCall can expect some pointed reaction to his expressed feelings. This morning on the Dan Patrick Show, Costas revisited the incendiary questioning of his recent halftime op-ed on the same NFL team-name topic. [Start the video below at the 7:00 minute mark.]

[Cover image courtesy: The New Yorker]