New York Times Makes Life Yet Worse for Paterson

Like a flock of vultures trailing the hobbled survivor of a desert plane crash, The New York Times continues to wind tighter and tighter circles around New York Governor David Paterson. Paterson has already ended his campaign to seek a full term as governor, thanks to a Times report tying him and his administration to improper interference in an assault case against his close aide, David Johnson. Last night, he Times Web site revealed that Paterson told state worker Deneane Brown to tell the Johnson’s accuser, “Tell her the governor wants her to make this go away.” The Times cites a person with knowledge of Ms. Brown’s version of events.

Through a spokesman, Paterson denied to the Times that he told Brown to make the case go away.

That’s unlikely to help him at this point. The National Organization for Women called for Paterson’s resignation yesterday. Last night, Paterson’s State Police Superintendent Henry Corbitt resigned in the wake of the scandal. The Post is reporting that Corbitt was pushed out. The Times editorial board took one step closer to calling for Paterson’s resignation, saying he should either prove he hasn’t done anything wrong, or give up his post.

The Times is also reporting that Paterson has called a special cabinet meeting for today, “though the purpose was not immediately clear.” We can guess what the implication was.

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