NYT Corrects Some Underpriced LA Living

An Echo Park flub triggers an LA-wide echo chamber.

It sounded too good to be true. In this weekend’s New York Times Styles piece about the continuing recent migration of NYC folks to Los Angeles, reporter Alex Williams zeroed in on a Greenpoint transplant paying just $1250 for a two-bedroom Echo Park bungalow with a yard.

It was indeed too good to be true:


In other words, the Echo Park bungalow goes in total for twice $1250, still a relative bargain for any incoming New Yorker were it fully available and an amount back in line with what Angelenos have come to expect these days. Per Curbed LA editor Adrian Glick Kudler, a stream of mocking tweets over the weekend was followed by a quick clarification of the Echo Park fine print:

In an Instagram comment Sunday, a friend of Turner’s roommate (DUH) posted “My friend lives above that girl – $1250 is her half of the rent. Apparently NYT never asked her for any clarification.”

Beyond this factual error, the NYT article overall is not nearly as bad as some LA media folks are making it out to be. Although it should have made mention of another key NYC migration element: the parallel entrenchment of ride-share services. All of a sudden, New Yorkers who move to LA no longer need a car; they can figuratively now hail a cab from anywhere, and at a cost well below that of the Yellow NYC variety.