New York Times Columnist David Pogue and Wife Charged with Disorderly Conduct

According to the Westport News, David Pogue – a tech writer for The New York Times – and his wife have been charged with disorderly conduct following a dispute at their home. Around 10:30 pm on Monday, the couple was given a summons for a fight that allegedly turned physical:

Case files in court say that Pogue and his wife were issued partial protective orders prohibiting them from assaulting, harassing or stalking each other.

And because life has an odd way of dealing with us when we’re down, today Pogue spoke at a benefit for a charity dedicated to domestic violence victims. Talk about cruel irony.

After the event, Pogue spoke to his hometown Westport News without realizing that the news of the charge had already broken:

When asked about the charges, Pogue said he had no comment. ‘I don’t think that’s appropriate for the forum,’ he said.

Yeah, it probably wouldn’t have been.

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