New York Post Reporter Hits Cover With Undercover Male Prostitute Story

There is one thing that we can always count on it New York: if there is a juicy story to be had, The New York Post will cover it, at length. And usually take it just a little bit too far.

Case in point: today’s cover story featuring reporter Mandy Stadtmiller’s undercover report from under the covers of the country’s first male prostitute, “Markus” at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada. Even Stadtmiller admits it was just too easy for the Post:

“This month, as Nevada anointed the country’s first-ever legal male prostitute — in the form of ‘Markus,’ a 25-year-old beefy ex-Marine — it became incredibly clear that one thing had to happen immediately.

The Post had to have a go at this gigolo.”

Although Stadtmiller insists she didn’t have sex with Markus, she did get naked and let him inspect her — paying $500 for the privilege. Throughout her two-hour session, she learns some facts about the prostitute, but it’s by no means ground-breaking journalism. In fact, Stadtmiller seems more intent on making fun of Markus’ mispronunciations than actually getting to the bottom of his reasons for selling his body, which is exactly what we expect from a piece like in this the Post. It’s funny, light and all around ridiculous.

The piece is not so much about Markus and his new job, or the social implications of a legal male prostitute, but how far Stadtmiller was willing to go to get the scoop. But in the end, it seems like she may have learned something:

“Markus has taught me so much. About what a gigolo should never, ever, ever do. ‘Women don’t want sex so much as companionship,’ he concludes. ‘Women can be a prostitute. But not men.’

Sure, Markus.

Whatever gets you through the night.”

Or not.

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