New York Post Headline Sticks It to the Academy

As Daniel Miller reminds in the LA Times, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is famously finicky when it comes to all injurious and unlicensed use of their golden trademark. However, even with some more high-priced assistance from Quinn Emanuel, it’s unlikely AMPAS can make the New York Post pay for this:

Today’s two-word exclamatory is another instant-classic NYP front page headline, transposing the business of a scandalous South African murder case onto the vaunted Dolby Theatre red carpet. With large-font, surround headline sound.

Post film critic Lou Lumenick tweet-joked that it “looks like they picked the worst possible moment to drop the ‘Academy Awards'” from the show’s official nomenclature. Indeed, it’s bad enough that the accused, Oscar Pistorius, is already connected to a twice-nominated 1982 flick.