Proverbial Fat Lady Frames New York City Opera Coverage

Take your misdirected-allegory pick. That is if you believe the expression “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings” has everything to do with the late Kate Smith and little do with arias.

The “fat lady” is all over today’s coverage of the New York City Opera’s announcement that it has been forced to cancel the 2013-14 season and file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. She’s singing the lede at Crain’s New York Business; belting out the headline for TIME; and being rudely pluralized in the New York Daily News.

The only consolation is that today at least, her status is more certain. On Monday via the Wall Street Journal, Marketplace and beyond, TFL was little more than a question mark.

Reacting to a message posted by the Opera on its Kickstarter page, patron Madelyn Campbell shared some more elegant words:

I saw my very first opera when I was three – I think it was the Met (it was Avery Fisher Hall in the afternoon) – and I can’t even say if it was The Mikado or Madame Butterfly, because all I remembered was the costumes. But the next opera I saw, when I was five, was definitely at the Met. It was Carmen. I was hooked. That’s where I learned what opera was. I’ve since moved from New York, and it saddens me to think that I won’t be able to take my grandchildren to the opera there. The chorus “Va Pensiero” comes to mind.