A Lede of Their Own

Fictional baseball manager Jimmy Dugan is all over today's sports pages.

When a New York Met (shortstop Wilmer Flores) gets traded, cries on-camera at Citi Field and then learns post-game that he was not traded after all, it’s most definitely cause at the reporting end for a resurrection of the bit of movie dialogue voted #54 on the American Film Institute’s “100 Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time.”

From the top of Post sportswriter Kevin Kernan’s report:

There is crying in baseball.

From NBC Sports’ Hardball Talk:

No matter what hacks who quote A League of Their Own say, there’s no shame in crying in baseball.

And here’s a bit from a Fox Sports report headlined “Mets Manager Collins Does His Own ‘No Crying in Baseball’ Rant:”

While Collins was sympathetic to the plight of Flores, he essentially told the kid to suck it up in a classic rant reminiscent of Tom Hanks’ speech in “A League of Their Own.”

Indeed, that referenced portion of the post-game press conference featuring Mets manager Terry Collins is an instant Queens classic. At one point, the skipper criticized fans for failing to unplug at the ballpark. (Social media chatter picked up in the stands played a big part in the mistaken Citi Field conclusion that Flores had been traded). “Everybody’s on it [phone]. I don’t even know why anybody comes anymore…”

Jimmy Dugan… The tweet floor is yours. And kudos to SportsNet New York editorial producer Andrew Vazzano for the hilarious tweet he sent out last night. Truman is indeed still a U.S. president, and Carlos Gomez still a Milwaukee Buc Brewer.

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