New York Magazine Cover Story Makes Waves in Oregon

For sex worker Chelsea Lane, it all started while attending Reed College.

NYMagCover_3_21Mac McClelland’s feature about sex workers and their potential U.S. legalization leads off with the story of Chelsea Lane. That’s not a real name; after being introduced to the sex trade while attending Reed College, a private liberal-arts institution in Portland, Ore., Lane now makes her home further south:

These days, Chelsea Lane works in the Bay Area and charges $400 an hour and $2,000 a night. She has a slick website with professional photos. She’s attending a nearby college and works at a corporate firm in addition to seeing clients. Doing both makes her “busy, busy, busy all the time.” She’d drop the day job, but, she says, “I don’t want to have a gap on my résumé.” Financially, she doesn’t need both incomes. “My salary more than pays for living expenses. Escorting income is to reach my savings goals: tuition, law-school tuition, and travel.” Plus, she enjoys it.

As you might imagine, the Reed College angle (where annual tuition runs just under $50,000) has reverberated strongly in Portland; local pick-ups of the New York magazine piece include The Oregonian, Patch and Willamette Week. Also… we’re not sure if Lane knows this, but in her current home area, the Golden State Warriors last fall hired a head performance therapist, originally from New Zealand, who shares that name.

However, what really caught our attention in connection with the thought-provoking New York magazine cover story is a weekend note on Lane’s blog. Apparently, she’s headed to our fair city later this month and is already making appointments. As such, her trip certainly ranks as one of the most immediate and interesting ways to capitalize on media coverage.