New York Magazine Now Available on the Nook

New York magazine is now available on the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader. As part of the Nook Newsstand, the magazine is available by single issue (at the print newsstand price of $4.99) or monthly subscription ($2.99/month, in line with the print subscription rate). The Nook version provides the full content of the print magazine.

“We’re excited to be on the Nook and expect to find a growing audience on the device,” said New York magazine’s Ken Sheldon in a press release. And you know who that growing audience is? Apparently it’s women — as FishbowlNY wrote yesterday, “sales of women’s magazines on the Nook are strong, and at times have even outsold their counterparts on the iPad.” Women love New York magazine, and women love the Nook. Seems like a good decision all around.