New York Doesn’t Care What You’re Wearing

nasa-party.jpgWe bring you a list, courtesy of the New York Observer‘s Matt Haber, detailing dos and don’ts of party reporting for New York. Andrew M. Goldstein, who Haber writes is filling in for regular reporter Jada Yuan, sent an email to freelancers telling them, among other things, to “order your questions in a way that you do not waste time with chit-chat or throwaway questions (like ‘What are you wearing?’… NEVER ask that question)”

For a magazine that prides itself on its fashion coverage (and makes a good deal of money that way as well) we find this surprising, but whatever, not our call. How about some other bits of wisdom?

  • You MUST bring your own tape recorder (keep recordings for legal backup).
  • Try to listen when your interviewee is talking. Ask follow-up questions (“Really? Why?” “Explain.” “How so?”).

  • If your event has a stage program, make sure to take down accurate quotes of what is said onstage.

  • Your item should be comprehensible and polished and include the best quotes from your transcript.