New York Daily News Moves Three Blocks Away From New York Post, Journalists to Fight in The Streets

The battle will take place on Sixth, between 48th and 51st. Crain’s reports that The New York Daily News staffers — after months of working from home and New Jersey offices because their downtown office was flooded by Hurricane Sandy — are returning to the city. The only problem? The temporary office is at 1290 Sixth Avenue, only three blocks away from the tabloid’s number one competitor, The New York Post.

While Bill Holiber, publisher of the Daily News, said he expects the paper to be back at 4 New York Plaza in about three months, we must be prepared for News and Post employees to take their rivalry to the streets. And trust us, you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a journalist fight.

The brawl will likely start with yelling about exclusives and threats to retweet typos, and then next thing you know one will yell something like “Embargo this bitch” and all hell will break loose. It’s not pretty.