New York and the Case of the Phony Cover

At left, the impostor. At right, this week’s New York.

Yesterday afternoon, a tipster wrote to say he’d seen a phony New York cover at a newsstand on the corner of Spring and Lafayette. We checked it out and there it was, featuring a cover date of April 7, 2008. This morning while walking to work, we saw the same image plastered in an alcove on Crosby Street. What’s the deal?

The girls at Sassybella offer a clue. The prank looks to be the work of a Web site called The New Enthusiasm, which recently spoofed Marc Jacobs ads with two models who look identical to the two hairy dudes on the NY cover.

Serena Torrey, New York‘s über publicist, responded to an email for comment by writing, “That’s some darn good work for an April Fool’s joke.”

Case closed, for now. Know anything more about the cover? And who are these New Enthusiasm cats? Email us.

UPDATE: More photos found by a tipster on Flicker.