New Study Reveals Bullying Statistics in the Workplace: Personality & Appearance Matter

According to a new survey conducted by the Workplace Bully Institute, 35 percent of Americans in the workplace have admitted to being bullied. And if you’re unattractive and mean, you’re most likely to become a target.

Lead researcher Brent Scott, associate professor of management at Michigan State University, told MSU Today,  “Our findings revealed that both personality and appearance matter.”

In the study, health care facility workers were asked if they ever experienced mean behavior on the job. This included being made fun of, having hurtful things said and being treated rudely by colleagues. In addition, friends and spouses of the participants were asked to rate their friendliness. Yet another group received photos of the subjects; they were asked to rate how attractive they were.

Researchers concluded that unattractive people were not treated as nicely by co-workers compared to their more attractive colleagues. Plus, people who were rated as unfriendly were more likely to be bullied at the workplace.

Scott added, “If you’re unattractive and mean, watch out…they were bullied the most. The flip side of that, if you’re mean but attractive, then the attractiveness sort of buffers that relationship a little bit.”