New Study Provides Insight Into Best Practices For Journalists On Facebook

A new study conducted by Facebook examines how users interact with Journalist Pages in an attempt to decipher the best methods of engaging an audience on the social platform. The findings help provide a better understanding of engagement with journalist pages and “will provide journalists with some best practices and insights on optimizing their engagement and distribution on Facebook to better reach their audiences.”

Some of the study’s key findings include:

  • Questions: Similar to brand pages on Facebook, posts that included engagement questions were effective in garnering 64% more feedback than posts with no questions.
  • Photos: Photo posts received 50% more likes than posts without photos.
  • Popular topics: According to the study, “Posts about education, politics and behind-the-scenes insights & analysis from journalists” received the highest amount of interaction.
  • Timing: Updates posted on Thursday-Sunday received the highest amount of feedback.
  • Content: Longer, “meatier” posts received more feedback than sparse posts.

Check out the full study for more.