New Spanish Language Weekly El Punto Semanal Launching in LA

EC Hispanic Media is launching a new free Spanish-language weekly in the new year called El Punto Semanal, reports Portada. The weekly will have a circulation of 140,000 and will be distributed through EC’s distribution network for its advertorial paper El Clasificado.

More from Portada:

El Punto Semanal also marks a departure from EC Hispanic Media’s main product line of mostly no editorial 100% classified advertising products, including its flagship publication El Clasificado (weekly, circ. 460,000). El Punto Semanal’s editorial focus will be Soft News, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Insurance, How To’s and Sports. The editorial team of El Punto Semanal is headed by Alicia Garcia , EC Hispanic Media’s Director of Content with a staff of 5 full time reporters and editors.