New Reality Show Centers Around Potentially Firing Co-Workers

Okay, by now we know that Undercover Boss is a huge hit so why shouldn’t there be room for another hit reality show based on working?

Fox thinks so now that its new show got the go-ahead — essentially companies will decide whether or not to fire an employee.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show is called Does Someone Have to Go? During each hour, a company will ask employees whether or not to vote someone off the island. And by that we mean give him or her the pink slip!

This show has been morphed from the earlier Fox project billed as “Survivor meets The Office.” Although the pilot was filmed, it never made it to airwaves in 2009, as per the piece.

Now, it sounds like the formal has been less critical (in the original format, an employee was going to actually get fired). Whether or not colleagues choose to fire their weakest performing colleague is now optional and businesses featured will be “dysfunctional” instead of suffering due to the economy.

According to the piece, Fox hasn’t revealed the challenges to encompass the show to result in a potential firing. That said, a premiere date hasn’t been set either.

What do you think? Is the show a little bit harsh based on the current economic conditions or perhaps right on target with eliminating weak performers dragging down a team?