New Low In Social Media Makes Its Debut:

We got an email over the weekend informing us that a new social media site had just been launched that would create “a more democratic and open system than ever before!” This pillar of online democracy would be, a social networking site where you tell the world the last person you masturbated to. A scorecard for your spank bank, if you will.

Kind of a funny idea. Because it has the potential to launch a whole new dimension of ego surfing. Googling yourself and finding out someone blogged an item of yours is pretty satisfying. But imagine looking yourself up and finding out three people masturbated while thinking about you that morning. Tad bit more of an ego boost.

However, at first glance, the site doesn’t really look like it’s going to execute on that promise. It seems more like they’ve got a hot-or-not-upload-your-picture-and-have-people-vote-if-they-think-you’re-attractive thing going on. And, insanely, it looks like you have to log on through Facebook to participate.

No thanks. Like anyone wants this showing up on their wall.

Look, we get the idea and think its funny. Masturbation is one of the underlying conceits of Facebook that never seems to be publicly acknowledged. So this site is just putting things on the table. But a stripped down spreadsheet approach would have been far more fascinating. This site as it stands now looks like little more than a place for grown men to ogle teenage–possible underage–girls.