New LA Times Look, Section Premieres Today

LATExtra is the paper’s “innovative new section just for late-breaking news” – a.k.a. the news that will no longer make it to the front page due to earlier print deadlines. The new section is also the latest dumping ground for local and California news, which has been shuffled about since the regular California section was killed. On Sunday there will continue to be a California section, but no LATExtra. Where will late-breaking news appear on Sunday? Guess we’ll find out this weekend…

Other changes include a shrinking of the paper – from 12 inches wide to 11. Arts and culture stories will be getting about 10% shorter to accommodate the new page size, and maybe other stories as well, but we haven’t seen that memo. The Monday Business section has been folded into Section A, but will remain an independent section for the rest of the week. Oh, except for Company Town, which moves to moves to the Calendar section on Mondays but stays in Business the rest of the week. Weather and Obituaries have been moved to LATExtra (except on Sunday!) and the food section has been moved from Wednesday to Thursday. And there’s other little changes too, but my head is threatening to explode. So let me leave you with these words from editor Russ Stanton:

The changes to the paper give us the opportunity to expand and further showcase the terrific enterprise reporting of this newsroom, as well as produce the first new news section in many, many years.

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