New Film Spurs Sri Lankan Government Apology?

Washington freelance journalist Peter Savodnik has released a new film that was posted on The New Yorker website last week. The effort comes from his new film-production company, Stateless Media along with Ed Perkins and Kannan Arunasalam. The 14-minute 32-second film full of mysterious twists and turns is called “The Brothers Shaikh.”

The short movie appears to have accomplished some good. For a year-and-a-half, the British government has been lobbying the Sri Lankans to do something about the murder of Khuram Shaikh and the rape of his Russian girlfriend. Shaikh had been working for the Red Cross in Gaza fitting prosthetic limbs. He and his girlfriend were attacked on the coast in Tangalle on Christmas Day, 2011. But so far, nothing had happened. Then, this movie comes out, in which they extensively interview Shaikh’s brother, Nasser, and three days later several government officials issue an apology. “That’s not the same thing as justice, but it’s noteworthy,” Savodnik told FishbowlDC.

See a BBC story published over the weekend on the matter here.

Savodnik’s company can be found @StatelessMedia on Twitter.

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